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Colchester County's new civic centre now has its official name.

It's called the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.

John Bragg, founder of Eastlink, and Stu Rath, a well-known Truro businessman, were both on hand for the announcement Tuesday morning at the Marigold Centre in Truro.

Rath says it took some convincing to have his name put on the side of the building.

He says it's been a long-time goal of his to have a facility such as this built, not just for hockey but other activities as well.

Officials say the name was chosen based on donor level.

Our newsroom asked the Chair of the Ignite the Spirit Campaign, Jon Stanfield, if there was any consideration given to having the community name the civic centre.

Stanfield says there was some discussion about doing that, but, said you can attract more fund raising dollars going this route, because donors get a position on the facility.

The $48 million Rath Eastlink Community Centre will open in 2013.


John Bragg (owner of Eastlink) & Stu Rath (Staff photos)